The Scale, the Journal, and the Gym.

The Scale

I keep telling myself, “DON’T LOOK AT THE SCALE!!!!”

Just whatever you do, don’t look at it. It’s not your friend at the moment. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to see those numbers drop. But when you have a scale at home and one at the office it can create a complex. The one at home is always two pounds less because I’m never wearing the layers of clothes required for me to be workplace appropriate. But the one at work is supplied by a health network… could it be more accurate? NAHHHH… its from Target just like the other one. Personal deal made… look at the scale twice a week and only twice a week.  (I’m gonna break this)

The Journal

I have been keeping a food journal for the past 26 days. It was requested by my doctor so he can take a look at what foods I need to add and what foods I need to take away. When he told me this I was like, “SURE! That’s not gonna be an issue. I can be honest with you and myself” Boy! Was I wrong.

This thing is hard! Writing down my protein coffee is easy to do. I don’t believe there will be any judgment there but writing that you ate a burger, chips, dip, brats, and 7 beers on 4th of July is hard. Its hard to admit to myself and even harder to present to a doctor. But as hard as it may be I have to do it. And now I can say its has been the best dieting tool I have ever used. I have turned down so many sweets because I just don’t want to have to write it down!

The Gym

I joined a gym! I’ve only been twice but am walking a few miles on my days off. I’m already feeling my body adjust and become something new. How could two days do that? My goal is go to the gym three times a week and build up from there. Wish me luck!



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